Top-Tier PBM Management Solutions

Why Choose Our Consulting Services?

Is your organization looking for expert guidance in prescription costs, medication management therapy, and improving vendor relationships? Our pharmacy experts at PayerAlly are happy to provide top-tier clinical program development services that will improve patient outcomes and the economic cost of goods for our clients.

We are prepared to collaborate with you in creating customized work plans that strive to benefit your pharmacy program.

What Does PBM Mean?

PBM stands for Pharmacy Benefit Management. A PBM is the intermediary of a prescription drug program, responsible for processing and paying prescription medication claims. A PBM's main objective is to lower the expenses of medications for insurers and insurance companies.

What Are PayerAlly's PBM Management Services?

Get to know our range of PBM services geared toward significant clinical program development for our clients.

  • PBM Monitor Program - Specifically intended to give clinical support, a steady stream of industry news regarding new medications, and strategic cost-saving solutions.
  • PBM Auditing - Offers annual financial audits, onsite rebate audits, as well as clinical rule audits for clients with customized clinical programs with their vendor. All audits are done by an unbiased expert who does not need access to confidential information.
  • PBM Benchmarking - Provides our clients with financial benchmarking services and allows them to compare their current performance to industry standards. Benchmarking includes network discounts, rebate yields, administrative fees, and ancillary fees.
  • PBM Implementation Management Services - For clients transitioning to a new PBM vendor. These services ease this transition with project management support, benefits testing and coding, as well as pre and post-implementation support.

PayerAlly's PBM management services are dedicated to assisting our clients with the following:

  • Managing medication costs
  • Improving vendor performance and vendor relationships
  • Understanding the business aspects of the pharmacy industry
  • Creating innovative solutions in the area of reimbursement, pricing, and technology


Reach out today to learn more about our additional services in medication management therapy, procurement, market research, and more!