Learn About Medication Management Therapy

What to Know About Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management, or MTM, entails a range of services intended to help patients get the absolute most of their prescribed medications. This work involves identifying and preventing overly-expensive medications that hurt the patient and halts the pharmacy's ability to serve its members.

What Is the MTM Process?

The medication therapy management process can be condensed by the following few steps:

  • First, all medications prescribed to a patient will be reviewed. This also includes any OTC or natural products the patient may be taking. This step is built to thoroughly identify and address medication problems.
  • Medication-related issues, such as unnecessary medications, needing medication(s) for an untreated or mismanaged condition, and medication duplications, are found to then build customized solutions.
  • Then, extensive collaboration begins with healthcare providers and vendors to make sure medication-related problems are being solved with successful medication procurement. Our team of experts has the financial, clinical, and operational expertise to solve medication-related dilemmas for your pharmacy's patients.

Our Dedication to You

Our team at PayerAlly understands the opaque pricing and contracting tactics that often benefit the PBM vendor at their client's expense, drive up costs, and negatively impact the patient's experience. We work to consistently serve you in-depth, industry-leading medication management therapy solutions. Our firm's consulting work is supported by years of experience in educating our clients on medication management complexities and the methods required to create solutions for medication-related issues.

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