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Clinical Program Development

PayerAlly is dedicated to providing in-depth resources to help develop clinical programs for our clients. Our focuses include the management of medication costs and improvements to vendor relationships. Our in-depth institutional knowledge of vendor pricing and contracting tactics will help achieve your business's goals and objectives.

Prior authorization requires the prescriber to receive pre-approval for prescribing a particular drug in order for that medication to qualify for coverage under the terms of the pharmacy benefit plan. In addition to Prior Authorization criteria, we will help structure a number of cost-saving, clinically effective programs.

The Key to Pharmacy Management

Effective pharmacy management is a process that does not take breaks. Every action lends itself to in-year cost savings and improvements in patient outcomes, as well as improved rate negotiations at the appropriate time. PayerAlly strives to provide our clients with a business partner that creates industry-leading solutions, keeps our clients informed of industry developments and changes, as well as provides the financial tools that give your organization oversight of their vendor performance.

The Benefit of Adopting Business Practices

Providing our clients with significant clinical program development takes developing thorough, customized work plans that better manage their pharmacy programs. PayerAlly is committed to providing innovative solutions that will help your pharmacy establish better relationships with vendors, allowing our clients to perform at a higher level and lower the expenses of medications. We strive to work with each client as a strategic business partner, communicating and adopting business practices that benefit their pharmacy, their members, and the industry as a whole.

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