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PayerAlly’s mission is to provide our clients with industry-leading advice, strategic support, and oversight as they look to better manage the rising cost of prescription medications covered under the pharmacy and medical benefit. Our services include PBM and Pharmacy Management Procurements, PBM auditing, vendor management, strategy, and ongoing financial monitoring.

Key Partnership Advantages

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PayerAlly provides access to subject matter experts covering the entire continuum of PBM services, including clinical, PBM underwriting, PBM auditing, pharmacy network and MAC development and management, drug manufacturer rebate contracting, value and outcomes-based contracting, specialty pharmacy management, medical medication management, and gene therapy risk and cost advisement. We have the hands-on institutional knowledge needed to help your organization manage medication costs, improve vendor performance, and benefit from innovation.

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PayerAlly is a boutique pharmacy consulting firm designed to support the unique business objectives of health plans, health systems, employer groups, Third Party Administrator (TPA) state and local governments, and labor unions around the nation. We provide a higher level of sophistication, expertise, and service to help these different entities manage the medication costs of their unique populations. We strive to be pharmacy experts, not generalists like many competitors.



Above all things, PayerAlly is an advocate for our clients and the broader healthcare industry. Clients should expect us to help them better understand the business aspects of the PBM and specialty pharmacy industry, provide superior advisement related to the management of high-cost medications, and to support innovation in the areas of reimbursement, pricing, and technology.



PayerAlly proactively works with our clients to ensure that they receive meaningful value. Our service model grants clients access to various industry thought leaders, insightful webinars, white papers, and a best-in-class project management approach to ensure our firm delivers industry-leading results.

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PayerAlly offers independent advice to help our clients better manage prescription costs. We do not offer a pharmacy reseller/coalition product that could result in our firm competing with our clients for new business or cloud our evaluation of various PBM financial offers based on our need to drive coalition growth. We focus only on improving the economic cost of goods for our clients.

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Managing the Prescription Benefits

Managing pharmacy benefits is not an annual activity; it’s a year-round, ongoing effort whereby every action lends itself to potential cost savings and improved patient outcomes. PayerAlly’s goal is to provide clients with a partner that will provide industry-leading pharmaceutical strategies to enable them to address critical industry challenges and improve the financial and clinical performance of the pharmacy benefit.


Our consultants will constantly communicate industry leading pharmaceutical strategies including new concepts and innovations in managing high-cost medications. We provide our clients with both short and long-term action plans covering the areas of PBM vendor management, PBM audit, fraud, waste, abuse, and clinical pharmacy.

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Strategic Business Partner

The goal of our firm is to become an extension of your team, working to help you achieve your goals and objectives while acting as a trusted strategic business partner. PayerAlly is committed to bringing about a fundamental change in the marketplace by helping our clients establish pharmaceutical strategies that will push their PBM partners to innovate, lower costs, improve the member experience, and adopt business practices that serve the greater good of the PBM industry. We develop customized work plans that ensure that our consulting firm tracks the specific consulting needs of our clients.

We partner with clients to develop customized work plans that provide comprehensive support to better manage their pharmacy programs.

Our Skills & Expertise

Understanding the intricacies of PBM underwriting, clinical pharmacy, and PBM internal operations is crucial for payers looking to manage their pharmacy costs and obtain the best possible clinical and financial outcomes. At PayerAlly, our team has years of experience understanding the complexities of the PBM industry and the opaque pricing and contracting tactics that often benefit the PBM vendor at the client's expense, drive up costs, and negatively impact the patient's experience.

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PayerAlly’s mission is to provide pharmacy consulting services to our clients in an impartial manner enabling them to make better decisions, lower overall medication costs, and better plan for future high-cost, life-changing medications.